Psql directly from Atom text editor.

Im not a big fun of postgres clients like pgadmin, not sure why, but i always favoured psql over everything.
A friend of mine wrote an atom package that brings psql into atom. Which is awesome. It's tested in linux and (briefly) in osx. In osx i only had to change the path for psql because for some reason it didn't get it from the environment. Feel free to check it out and spam him with any issues you might have.
Link for the package can be found here.

Thanks for reading.

Vasilis Ventirozos
OmniTI Computer Consulting


  1. Thanks for the tip and link. Gave it a quick trial on my Linux machine and I like it, saves opening a separate Xterminal window.

  2. I'll surely look old-fashioned, but I still write SQL with vi to later run it on psql.


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