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pgreplay-ing logfiles

Recently I wanted to find something to rerun a workload (from logfiles) in postgres. the reasons ? benchmark , testing , troubleshooting.
My colleague Denish reminded me a project called pgreplay. pgreplay reads a PostgreSQL logfile , extracts the SQL statements and executes them in the same order and with (or without) the original timing against a PG database.

I download it, compiled it and went straight to the testing.

The setup :

log_min_messages = error  (or more)
   (if you know that you have no cancel requests, 'log' will do)
log_min_error_statement = log  (or more)
log_connections = on
log_disconnections = on
log_line_prefix = '%m|%u|%d|%c|'  (if you don't use CSV logging)
log_statement = 'all'
lc_messages must be set to English (the encoding does not matter)
bytea_output = escape  (from version 9.0 on, only if you want to replay
                        the log on 8.4 or earlier)

It is highly recommended that you use CSV logging, because anything that
the Postgr…

A Problem Geeked Into Big Data

Today my article got published in OmniTI Seeds. it was a very interesting project, i had a lot of fun while doing it, and even if its not exactly Postgres related, I wouldn't be able to do it without Postgres. It begun from the basic everyday operation that all dba's are doing (log parsing / analysis) but it got to a whole different level. I hope you like it.

A Problem Geeked Into Big Data

cooking with fdw

Back in 9.1 a feature called foreign data wrappers was introduced, you could basically connect a PostgreSQL Server to remote data stores (other dbs, csv files etc). Today i plan to play with this FDW and see what and how we can use it.

First of all there are many FDW's, a list can be found here.

For the sake of this post i used the following data wrappers :

     Name     | Version |   Schema   |                    Description                    
 file_fdw     | 1.0     | public     | foreign-data wrapper for flat file access
 postgres_fdw | 1.0     | public     | foreign-data wrapper for remote PostgreSQL servers
 redis_fdw    | 1.0     | public     | Foreign data wrapper for querying a Redis server

file_fdw and postgres_fdw are both available in contrib, redis fdw can be found in the following link. you will also need to compile and install hiredis which can be found here. I wont go much into…

scaling postgres with pgpool-II

Recently a new release of pgpool-II was released, 3.2.7 (released 2013-12-06). For connection pooling I mostly have experience with pgbouncer and in OmniTI we use it a lot. I heard that pgpool has some issues and because of its increased complexity i don't know if i would recommend it as a connection pool but pgpool does much more than that.

What is pgpool-II (from pg-pool wiki) :
pgpool-II is a middleware that works between PostgreSQL servers and a PostgreSQL database client. It is licensed under BSD license. It provides the following features.
Connection Poolingpgpool-II saves connections to the PostgreSQL servers, and reuse them whenever a new connection with the same properties (i.e. username, database, protocol version) comes in. It reduces connection overhead, and improves system's overall throughput. Replicationpgpool-II can manage multiple PostgreSQL servers. Using the replication function enables creating a realtime backup on 2 or more physical disks, so that …