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Logical Replication in aws RDS

Recently Amazon annnounced that postgres 10 supports logical replication syntax and that it can work as either a publisher or a subscriber. The announcement can be found here . In order to test it out i made 2 10.4 RDS instances. Set them up to be in the same security, subnet and parameter groups so i ended up with something like this : user : vasilis password : Ap4ssw0rd db instance : lrnode1 & 2 dbname : lrtest port : 5432 only thing i had to change in order to enable logical replication is to change rds.enable_logical_replication to 1 in my parameter group. After verifying connectivity psql -h -U vasilis -d lrtest -W psql -h -U vasilis -d lrtest -W i created a dummy table on my publisher and subscriber (lrnode1 and 2) create table lr_test_tbl (     id int primary key,     name text ); on lrnode1 (publisher) i created a publication CREATE PUB