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Postgres10 in RDS, first impressions

As a firm believer of Postgres, and someone who runs Postgres10 in production and runs RDS in production, I've been waiting for Postgres10 on RDS to be announced ever since the release last fall. Well, today was not that day, but I was surprised to see that RDS is now sporting a "postgres10" instance you can spin up. I'm not sure if thats there on purpose, but you can be sure I jumped at the chance to get a first look at what the new Postgres 10 RDS world might look like; here is what I found.. The first thing that i wanted to test was logical replication. By default it was disabled with rds.logical_replication being set to 0. AWS console allowed me to change this, which also changed wal_level to logical so i started creating a simple table to replicate. I created a publication that included my table but thats where the party stopped. I can't create a role with replication privilege and i can't grant replication to any user : mydb => SELECT SESSION_